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What It Means To Be Creative


Creativity means a lot of things to different people.  In this post, we're going to talk about what it TRULY means to be Creative.

The dictionary defines creative as “having a good imagination or original ideas.”  When most people think of being “creative” they think of having musical, design, or artistic abilities, however, this mindset might exclude a lot of people who may be creative in a different way. I believe that EVERYONE IS CREATIVE, and that true creatives use their imagination to bring new solutions to a problem that people face every day. Creatives could be…

  • Project Manager who continues to create and improve processes and workflows for your company.
  • Software Developer who brings to life apps that make people’s lives easier
  • Non-Profit Team Member who strives to improve the lives of others

Creativity allows us to develop ideas and to solve problems in different ways. When we embrace our own creativity, we are able to spot new opportunities, adapt to changes quickly,  and use them to provide even more value to the world. The good news is that creativity is something that can be learned and developed.  A good way to start cultivating creativity in your own life is to discover how you are most creative. Here are 3 creativity questions you can ask yourself that will help lead you in the right direction:

  1. How do you provide value to someone’s life?
  2. What do you enjoy learning about?
  3. What would you do if money were no option?

We highly encourage you to go through the creativity questions above to get clarity on your creative passion. What problems do you solve in a creative way?  Share them in the comments below! P.S.  Before you leave, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell to get more videos about creativity, productivity, and building your influence online.  

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